Spit Blood

by Divtech

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papy_______ubu Thanks Aaron Spectre for the discovery. Made my day.
Ear of the Beholder
Ear of the Beholder thumbnail
Ear of the Beholder This raw industrial-breakcore-metal-noise-punk energy reminds me of Converge and Ladyscraper as well as Death Grips. Coming back from helping in the Dunkirk refugee camp, this is the perfect soundtrack to the backdrop of a failing Western society while DIY citizens try to make a difference. Played it four times in a row after first listen. Respect! If you're ever in Belgium, drop us a line at Breakcore gives me Wood. Favorite track: Discipline Is Not Enough I.
ryuchairo 竜茶
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ryuchairo 竜茶 DIY digital Hardcore that skins the synapses. This dude got his shit down and he's unapologetically pissed off. From start to finish there was no shortage of angst, blistering breakbeats, wall of noise sampling, and angst dripping vocals to keep your attention span fulfilled. It's like Godflesh & Drumcorps had a younger nomadic brother ... oh, and he's queer! Like that matters!!! Mad Goathorns Divtech!!! Favorite track: Discipline Is Not Enough I.
Ratskin Records
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Ratskin Records Raw, melodic , uncompromising digital political anti racist hardcore. What more could you really ask for. Favorite track: Spit Blood II.
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Spit Blood I 02:18
ignite that warm welcome home reminded they never gave a shit and despite the visage sold to tha 'quo you aint believing it how many times is it hope and hope and hope before its negligence and hows it feel to end your nightmare woke and still find paralysis this systems got you got all fucked up and you couldn't care less that funnel vision got you slurped down like its all yours to digest afraid your happy hour binge gotta be anything but painless so punch-drunk on power you couldn't even stomach some raised fists we drew the lines you couldn't even stand to bear witness barricades erected so high blinds the the smoke from your last bridges daddy's home pissed yeah ain't got nothin to show for it and while i got my sympathies understanding ain't resolution nor forgiveness so defend that slave-driver title as if you could fucking earn it lock your doors keep posted don't give a fuck bout the denial of your services casualties of the flame war upheavel graves to feed spectral death merchants now last years dumpster fires are rolling downhill recycled and repurposed doubledown? you'll get intolerance twofold cast of lynch mobs yeah we aiming to break that mold we're reapers of what you sow the teeth to the stranglehold the ghost of the stolen gold a brick in the hands of the bold each torn from that prison you sold us we spit blood thru the bars cuz no cage can fucking hold us
Eat Trash 00:47
mantra of the world can fuck off as a decree of personal health i walk faceless hoping we both can decide we haven't acknowledged each other's existence i feel the guilt of taking up space but also the spite of compromises made doing what's best for the good of ourselves making things better but living in hell fuck your comfort, nothing's painless i'll choose growth over my convenience
consolidate the power that you will convince yourself its for "the cause" the emptiness of petty daily life whats being gained and what is lost? how much to dedicate to sacrifice? how much effort to stave off the guilt? how much can you really claim of what you've forced the world to give? The relativity of standards, how do i compare to my peers? i'm trading hours for sustainable produce you're spending them on beer as if i could compare the scars with a few steps back you do yours i'll say i'm giving it my best siren songs of echo chamber bureaucrats fantasize a reckoning watch it retreat on the horizon burn ideal effigies purge their true reprisal consolidate the power that you will convince yourself its all you've got the cost of sanity within a cage no one to blame yeah i'm at your throat cuz you never have my back and the lights are all left on, and the sky is black what right do i got to the way i live when my reach so far exceeds my grasp when the consequences makes me sick when my standards give so little back? discipline was never enough disintegrate don't give up the price of fun ain't no one can judge how you gonna carry on at peace for once? but somebody gotta make sure the heat stay on that beat stay on these amps drawn those towers up and that cable strong these veins open those doors shut, collateral ain't nothin' but some crosshairs from bird's eye some vice peddling nice guys that cage linked and those locks clapped these hands up or that safety back ration out your self center keep watch on how you defend it close watch on how you defend it discipline was never enough disintegrate don't give up
we live as gods to those we enslave we still suffer the relativity of pain sever your ties to privileged choice of who you want to be i've watched the best contend with power, do you see what i see? safety nets suffocate, let your body drift out to sea stay wary of the currents, disintegrate, nourish, and be free Discipline, not enough, disintegrate, don't give up we live as gods to those we enslave we still suffer the relativity of pain
Going Down 04:58
Sinkhole 01:32
fuck you, we never owed you civility and if the answer WAS "yes" fuck you for reminding me pinned to the ground you're pushing me through pave the dirt but the earth still moves positioned apparatus is a systemic malice toxic inconvenience drives away all our allies abandon ships you're sinking don't look back optimistic while prisoners of war are paraded as resistance shadow fear, seize the night disappear fight to win the blood i spit is the final trace no more talk you'll never see me again


Entrenched in the struggle to make meaningful change within a caged environment, SPIT BLOOD represents a visceral rebuke of a frightening and expanding nexus of a dominant culture characterized by more and more overt hatred and bigotry, a corporealization of the spite of defeat juxtaposed by the absolute refusal to submit, a symbolic vessel launched from the gut into the face of power, external and internal.

This album was the product of an uneasy diligence amidst a couple years of serious eventfulness, personal and political, passion and turmoil. Much of the album was written following my return to the US from tour overseas on the eve of the election of Donald Trump, and the content reflects that continued struggle.

Ⓐ ALL ARTIST PROCEEDS ARE DONATED Ⓐ Currently money will go to a collection of local bail funds related to the movement for Black Lives. Normally money would be split between several organizations and campaigns such as RAICES, Ripmedicaldebt, Southern Poverty Law Center, EarthFirst! Journal as well as a collection of shifting direct action campaigns of immediacy. If you would like any purchases you make to benefit a specific unlisted campaign, either send the info in a message with your purchase or just download for free and make the donation yourself.


released August 1, 2018






Elements of punk and hardcore meet the intricate production capacity of industrial, hip-hop, noise and mutant electronics. Vocals piercing and lyrically coherent, breaking through the haze of modern cryptic iconography and pop-culture reference, exposing a severe honest appeal for empathy and conscience. ... more

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