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After a few very busy years of travelling, touring, and overall, finding my place in the world, there's finally some creative output to show for it. These tracks are released in a physical CD format that we will be touring with April and May of 2015.

Taking full advantage of the dynamic capacity of contemporary digital noise and merging it with the passion of DIY and punk ethos, Decide Today and Divtech bring a sound that's abrasive and fiercely intentional. DECIDEdly anarchistic, our aim
is to utilize the privilege of touring to help uproot coercive hierarchies and in place sow the seeds of a more connected autonomous future.

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released April 1, 2015

Mic/Wrench/Fist art by David Divtech
Typography by Robert I'mhuman



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.




Divtech channels the love and rage of a life against the grain into a fierce contemporary sound. This is abrasive electronic hardcore charged with radical lyrical content set on the abolition of a reality of abuse, and the fight to forge a brighter, connected autonomous future. ... more

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violent claustrophobia, cages leave nowhere to run
and here you're jamming the trigger and you're holding the gun

spawning of your wretched existence
nurtured in fear, born of prisons
you have nothing left to offer
beyond the power you relinquish
from occupied to decolonized
our assimilation is your demise
embrace the entropic nature of time
nothing can be the same

your mind is not decolonized
ideals did not imperialize
the stone and the fire revitalized
it has only just begun

from occupied to decolonized
don't care if your rule was justified
embrace the entropic nature of time
nothing can be the same
beyond rejection, active resistance
active secession is abolition
beyond hypothetical, beyond intention
stasis confines, action conditions

lets take the fight to them!

every stone that we cast,
every fence we cut
is a step reclaimed
beyond that of thought

when the concrete breaks
ruptures remain,
weeds will push through,
they cannot be contained.

to dissolve alone in a prison of fear
the degradation of an allegiance clinged to year after year

or to transcend the bonds of choice and identity
in the act of purging stasis to reclaim responsibility
ideas' only worth are in the action they inspire
will you stop at presentation or will you light the fires?

every stone we cast is the next stone cast
for every fence we cut, there remains a gap
when the concrete breaks
ruptures remain,
weeds will push through,
we cannot be contained
you idolize a defeatist aesthetic
nihilistic as shit but you're ready to show it
fearless, ineffectual, punk rock as fuck
you say you 'wish things were better but they're not, suck it up!'
addiction to depression never had such an ally
as culture fucked so hard, 'why even try?'

you're jaded, pathetic, less than useless
occupying 'alternative' to sit back and waste it
every coming generations crushed before they began
by wasted idols with their head in the sand

the world deserves better than the stasis you've shown
but there's no need to step down from your throne
were sick of your shit, we'll leave you behind
revitalize real cultures of DIY
you can keep the past, the future is mine.
within popular culture there persists the idea of the mass uprising
resistance which borns itself within the daily struggles of the masses
and actualizes through a short-term series of catalyzing agents
the story overtold ad nausem, and yeah at least its a step in the right direction
but at best as usual, its a fucking fantasy, hollywood bullshit
an existence predicated on the desire for marketable emotional experience
and it holds truth no longer than it will keep you entertained
this is a big fuck you to everything that persuaded me to sit back and wait

the revolution.
ain't fucking coming
unless you decide.
to bring it yourself
to be the force
worth reckoning
a vessel honed
for bringing hell

hope is dead
a change lacking agency
and when your glutton for dreams is fed
you can face reality
waiting around just one more day
is tomorrows passive suicide
the choices are within your grasp
get up and decide

real resistance doesn't belong
slave to institutions of greed
just like your eyes don't belong glued
to a fucking laptop screen
fuck your world of mind-numbing games
reject your spoon-fed victories
through purged hopes and shattered dreams
we'll forge new realities

you'll never need hope
and you'll never need to wish
when you've got the tools
and the heart to resist