Rise With The Tide

by Divtech

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Redefining the hedonistic paradigm of electronic music, this album marks the metamorphosis of the Divtech moniker. Rise With The Tide dives headfirst through the barriers of hypothetical to the urgency of real positive change. With direct content pertaining to earth liberation, green anarchism and insurrectionary politics, the message is clear. The time is now, the choice is yours. What will you do?

If you can spare it, the suggested donation for the download is $4. I'm currently nomadic and all the money I get will likely go towards attempting to get some decent quality food, thanks!

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released May 1, 2013

all artwork and music by David Divtech
special thanks to Robert Inhuman/Realicide Youth Records






Divtech channels the love and rage of a life against the grain into a fierce contemporary sound. This is abrasive electronic hardcore charged with radical lyrical content set on the abolition of a reality of abuse, and the fight to forge a brighter, connected autonomous future. ... more

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Track Name: Rise With The Tide

waves to bury cities
too many to control
your systems built a prisoner
that no prison can hold
boiling sprawling festers
with no sight of relief
hearts aflame and clenched fists
were armed to the teeth

standing as one
in bold face and detained
stripped and segregated
we're paranoid insane
we're the long term victims of abuse
in our stasis and our fear
but the chains that bind us to our roles
are the chains that keep us near
we hug the drywall paint and steel
walk shoulders inch apart
entrusted with the tools
that could make sure this machine never starts

the seas rise
and beneath the wake
our prisons drown
erode away
the world is ours
rivers free
nights lit with stars

from i to we, we ride the waves
deprogress and decolonize
the earth yearns to live again
through compassionate and open eyes

we're millions suffering silently
at the blades of our own knives
but scars strengthen remind us
we can choose another life
to rip the concrete from the streets
repurposing with careful aim
towards power structures standing firm
we'll rip it from its frame

they fall behind
as our numbers grow
and we're prying doors
and we're throwing stones
we've got too many martyrs
they've got too few
so lets rise with the tide
all it takes is me and you

the futures a blade at your throat
what are you gonna do?
Track Name: Terminal Existence

life to death
the pattern of nothing left
amenities of the civilized breath
CFCs, systematic death

when you can't make for yourself
on the land which you live
its time to ask some questions
like what am i gonna give?
we live a life constructed
on a world stolen again and again
a genocide justified
its never gonna end till were all dead

200 species a day
a scorched earth left to burn
a planet screams a language forgot
begs us to unlearn
a culture of abusive
egocentric cheap commercial gods
of ownership, superiority,
of never ending loss

but that doesn't mean theres not a way
to halt the mindless abuse
6000(?) years of fighting back
and we've learned a thing or two
symbols work to gain support
to rally to resist
but it doesn't change the exploitation
that allows this culture to persist.
we have the tools and resources
to stop their guns from firing
but years of hopeless quarrel
hasn't stopped the world from dying.
we're out of time for creative solutions
the time to act is now
no compromise, at any cost
because in the end this has all gotta go down
Track Name: Fight To Win

they want no part in your worthless dream
the earth you tend fuels their machines

mobilization, determination
emancipation, no hesitation
from leveled fields through a sea of cages
we're here for absolute liberation

a drudging harvest of the life that remains
encroaches further forward, summons petrol and flame
and while some of us stand firm chained in place in their path
other conceive more preemptive and strategic attacks

because for us the war was never fought for profit or gold
we just want back our lives lost, our families our homes
the idea to the disconnected lost deep within
we'll fight with every last breath not to death but to win

a noxious haze plagues the air we breathe
2-hydromethyl shit rains on gmo seeds
mixed with water penetrates and feeds
rivers to coast, an eternal bleed.

a will to live emboldens me
to live unchained, wild and free
no longer feeding your machine
i'll fight to the death
but its not gonna be me.