Stasis Confines, Action Conditions

by Divtech

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This is the digital release of the "Stasis Confines Action Conditions" 12" LP out on Realicide Youth Records. The physical record contains most of the total material produced for this release (booklet, artwork, writing, sticker etc.) so if you dig something that you can actually put your hands on, pre-order a copy from the Realicide Youth Records webstore!

Donations are greatly appreciated but this is still pay-what-you-want. If we all share with consideration, we'll all come out on top together and feel good about it. Limited editions are an artifice in the digital age. sharing is not stealing!

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released February 29, 2016

All music, recording, writing, and artwork by David between 2013-2015
Mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
released through Realicide Youth Records



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.




Divtech channels the love and rage of a life against the grain into a fierce contemporary sound. This is abrasive electronic hardcore charged with radical lyrical content set on the abolition of a reality of abuse, and the fight to forge a brighter, connected autonomous future. ... more

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Track Name: Occupied Decolonized
violent claustrophobia, cages leave nowhere to run
and here you're jamming the trigger and you're holding the gun

spawning of your wretched existence
nurtured in fear, born of prisons
you have nothing left to offer
beyond the power you relinquish
from occupied to decolonized
our assimilation is your demise
embrace the entropic nature of time
nothing can be the same

your mind is not decolonized
ideals did not imperialize
the stone and the fire revitalized
it has only just begun

from occupied to decolonized
don't care if your rule was justified
embrace the entropic nature of time
nothing can be the same
Track Name: Beyond Rejection
beyond rejection, active resistance
active secession is abolition
beyond hypothetical, beyond intentions
stasis confines, action conditions

lets take the fight to them

every stone that we cast,
every fence we cut
is a step reclaimed
beyond that of thought
when the concrete breaks
ruptures remain,
weeds will push through,
they cannot be contained.

to dissolve alone in a prison of fear
the degradation of an allegiance clinged to year after year

beyond rejection, active resistance
active secession is abolition
beyond hypothetical, beyond ambition/intentions
stasis confines, action conditions

or to transcend the bonds of choice and identity
in the act of purging stasis to reclaim responsibility
ideas are only worth the action they inspire
will you stop at presentation or will you light the fires?

every stone we cast is the next stone cast
for every fence we cut, there remains a gap
when the concrete breaks ruptures remain,
weeds will push through, we cannot be contained.
Track Name: Socio-Pathology
so you think you're the master of your fate
a god amidst the fools, rotting sick in disarray
how can, a predator so high
fall prey to sycophants, born abused and died?

the growth of empire
consolidation of wealth
is your systematic slavery
the prison you'll dwell
a lack of conscience
only serves to feed
your illusory salvation
pawn of a macrocosmic disease

(and its so easy to collapse into an ideology, that both bolsters ego and defers responsibility)

turning your back to those who you consider fools
symptomatic, that you are among the used
slavery, to systems as old as slavery itself
disregard for consience favors only those who rule
Track Name: Hate By Default
i wake within a room,
a switch lies at my side
the choice of comfort over darkness
am i satisfied with the price?

your passive existence is an absent hate
illusory dogmas, propagate
your willful stasis, your prideful disdain
claims its victims, while you stagnate

lacking any semblance of emotional association
roots severed from any real connection
gerenerations of inbred colonial mentality
hate becomes the assumed reality.

you captain a death machine, command social order,
wield blind omnipotence, consume silent slaughter
and it feels so ok, yeah there's no place like home
i'm just doing my job, i'm just paying the toll
well its too fucking high, and it gets worse every year
how about recognizing the cyclic nature of our fear
we ignore the violence to buy our next day
and as we grow weaker, their power accumulates

the blood we cough up is on all our hands now
Track Name: Machines Of Decay Pt. 2
you just wanted to connect
but the dim glow and the soft drone says isolation
but your pain ain't a pain
when its trained to insist a deeper intoxication
your gods are gleaming with trust
when its all submit or bust
and alternatives gasp for air
before they quietly drown in a sea of rust
all i wanted was a home and a friend
all i got was an end to the pain
conditional, cyclical consent
to linking systematic chains
no kings in the age of the hive mind,
no foresight in the age of the blind
no consciousness or conscience
intentions or compromise

your leaders all have leaders
followers all have followers
all leechers and no seeds
no pills but we all swallowers

all i wanted was a home
all i wanted was a friend
all i wanted was to be alone
the isolation, the isolation without end.

when the only means of surviving is to sever your own hands

the tightening noose of runaway technology
your solution to a struggle is to struggle endlessly?
consume an empty cure, desire forevermore
the addiction of submission to a self-inflicted war

their infrastructure is a weapon,
we seek their absolute disarmament
unless you're cutting loose their assets
never accept to be a part of it
resistance doesn't end
til the machine lies in wreckage
so lets take the fight to them,
disassemble every weapon

i face the collapse of my deepest compassion
with the best of intent i hold fast to my friends
our collective incompetence harbors no blame
when we're all too ashamed to embody our demands

participation in a massive crowd-sourced weapon
subversion of supplement to subsistence
the consequence of weaponizing
the most positive, healthy social interactions
is a disconnect so deep,
connection begets its existence

fuck your lifelines, fuck your empty words,
fuck your faceless aggression, fuck your soulless comforts
fuck the privilege of distance to those who you would claim as friends,
fuck your submission to adulterating means to meet no end.
Track Name: Fight To Win (2015)
they want no part in your worthless dream
the earth you tend fuels their machines

mobilization, determination
emancipation, no hesitation
from leveled fields through a sea of cages
we're here for absolute liberation

a drudging harvest of the life that remains
encroaches further forward, summons petrol and flame
and while some of us stand firm chained in place in their path
other conceive more preemptive and strategic attacks

because for us the war was never fought for profit or gold
we just want back our lives lost, our families our homes
the idea to the disconnected lost deep within
we'll fight with every last breath not to death but to win

a noxious haze plagues the air we breathe
2-hydromethyl shit rains on GMO seeds
mixed with water penetrates and feeds
rivers to coast, an eternal bleed.

a will to live emboldens me
to live unchained, wild and free
no longer feeding your machine
i'll fight to the death
but its not gonna be me.